Saving, Restoring Coral Reefs

Even widespread, seemingly hopeless global issues have a component we can address with our personal habits. My old rallying cry from my days as an angry eco protester, “Look in the Mirror!” (abbreviated LITM, or sometimes in my extra-emphatic moments LITFM) turns from an eco-chide into an opportunity.

One example: the coral-reef crisis.

The following list of links starts with articles about the problem, then you get some articles about solutions being implemented on different levels. And finally, the last two articles suggest choices you can make in your everyday life to help protect coral reefs and even contribute to their restoration.

Enjoy! And thanks always for being on this journey with me, to protect our amazing planet and all the creatures with whom we share it.

State of the Planet: Losing Our Coral Reefs (by Renee Cho, on Columbia University blog). “Coral reefs, the ‘rainforests of the sea,’ are some of the most biodiverse and productive ecosystems on earth. … If we continue with business as usual, 90 percent of coral reefs will be in danger by 2030, and nearly all of them by 2050.” Excellent article, includes good background info on “What is coral?”

Plastic trash is sickening the world’s coral reefs ( While plastic trash is only one of numerous human-induced threats to coral reefs, it is significant, and it’s one we can all work on. By the way, there are natural threats to coral reefs also (such as predatory starfish, and El NiƱo), but that’s no reason not to do the many things that are in our power to help the situation.

‘Iconic’ Florida Keys Primed for $100 million restoration (Tampa Bay Times)

Grassroots divers known as ‘gardeners’ are trying to save coral reefs (Metro News UK)

Mini Reefs Filter Water, Attract Fish ( – mini reefs that retail for a mere $300 are reportedly increasing numbers of fish and other marine life. Any growth in those populations is good news for coral reefs, since the reefs depend on fish and other creatures for their survival.

Five Common Causes of Coral Reef Destruction (

How To Protect Coral Reefs – 14 Steps (Wikihow) – Things you can do to make a difference, from reducing single-use-plastics to being mindful about where you buy pet fish. (I never knew “fishing with cyanide” was a thing. Yikes!) I learned some new things from this article.