Pet Poop Solutions

Someone in the Journey to Zero-Waste group asked about eco-friendly ways to deal with indoor cats’ poop. (By the way, as of this writing, the J2ZW group now has over 114,000 members, in countries all over the world.)

From other members’ responses, I learned about two options:

1) the LitterKwitter, a potty training system designed for training cats to use a regular toilet. I had previously heard tell of a select few highly advanced felines who used their humans’ toilet, but this was the first time I had heard of an actual potty training device.

2) EnsoPet, an in-ground pet-waste composting box that utilizes bokashi (anaerobic decomposition process).

The EnsoPet can handle dog poop also, as well as other pet poop including rabbit and guinea pig.

I googled and found other in-ground dog-poop composters as well. One is the Doggie Dooley from Enzyme tablets and water are added to the poop to break it down.

Given that people are becoming familiar with compost in the context of Fluffy and Fido’s poo, is it unreasonable to hope that mainstream acceptance of humanure composting will not be far behind?