Can One Person Really Make a Difference?

From a thread on the Journey to Zero-Waste group on Facebook, several reading recommendations:

Can One Person Really Make a Difference? (

Children’s book If Everybody Did, by JoAnn Stover. (“A teacher read this to my class 50 years ago; it was life-changing,” said the member who posted this recommendation.)

Can One Person Make a Difference? (

Decline in plastic bags on seabed suggests measures to tackle plastic waste are working (Independent) “Despite the reduction in carrier bags, the overall amount of deep-sea litter remained roughly constant due to an increase in the number of other plastic items, including bottles and fishing debris” (emphasizing the need to keep moving forward with efforts to reduce all categories of plastic trash).

Watch This Man Walk Around NYC Wearing His Trash (YouTube video). I actually have met this guy, Rob Greenfield. He spoke at our Florida Permaculture Convergence in 2018. Here’s a guy who makes an impact that ripples out far and wide.

By the way, J2ZW is now 113,000+ members strong.