Global Climate Strike

Marches and rallies can be powerful, not only as a signal to political leaders, but also as a way for everyday citizens to mobilize a “strength-in-numbers” energy which can be channeled into continued action.

During the week of September 20-27, people all over the world will participating in a Global Climate Strike, calling for an end to a fossil-fuel-dominated way of life.

As I say in my book DEEP GREEN, it’s really on us, everyday people, to make this shift by our daily choices. Consumers are really the ones with the power! (In my book, and in this blog, I go into detail about how your everyday choices can help make a better world, while also greatly boosting your own quality of life.) But governments can help by changing policies that act as artificial incentives for fossil-fuel dominance.

Visit this link to find the Global Climate Strike for your city or a nearby city, or to organize one if there is none nearby.