Reflections on Living Without a Fridge

One of my favorite green publications, Mother Earth News, just posted an article by someone who sounds like a Deep Green kindred spirit!

Writes Chris Ponzi, “I live in a quilted home of brick walls, mosquito screens, windowless spaces, and a palm leaf roof in northeast Colombia. You may see an iguana munching a mango on my porch. Once you transcend the sheer weirdness and come inside, you may realize something else strange: I have no refrigerator.”

If you are among those of us who are living a lifestyle that is a bit off the beaten track of the mainstream, it can be surprising and energizing to find that there are more of us out there than we think! Living in a wealthy industrialized nation skews one’s perception of what is normal worldwide.

Go here to read the rest of “Reflections on Living Without a Fridge”. Good stuff! Interestingly, Chris (who lives in a climate very similar to what we have in Florida), reached the same solution I have, which is to continue many non-refrigeration practices but utilize the benefits of technology by having a mini fridge for select items. My mini fridge uses what I consider acceptably little electricity (about half of a kWh per day on average), and I get to have yogurt and refrigerate my leftovers.