Local Live Music, from Nature

My morning dip in the ocean was particularly enjoyable today. Extra special treats (on top of a thing that is always special, the beach): water cooled by recent rains; AND the sound of the train reached all the way to the ocean!

(It’s a well-known delight to those who enjoy such things: the various train-sounds carrying across the Intracoastal Waterway in detail, not just the horn but even the wheels clacking on the tracks, and the tracks themselves humming metallically with the approach of a train. The ICW seems to act like a natural amplifier, as if the train were right next door instead of a half mile inland. My friends on the mainland often hear the sound of the ocean waves when I don’t even hear them at my house. I often hear the train sound at my house or elsewhere on beachside but have never heard it while I was actually in the ocean.)

Our local sounds of nature (including human activity) are one of my favorite forms of “local live music”. Wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying your day. What are some of your favorite sounds where you are?