Trash Can as “Buffer”

This is my three-bucket kitchen setup for trash, compost, and recycling. (Recycling is yellow bucket underneath the compost bucket.)

The trash bucket holds a month, two months, three months worth of trash (even half a year one time in recent memory). Trash consists mostly of plastic wrappers, bags, lids, and other things that can’t be composted or recycled.

Being dry, the trash doesn’t stink. And it is very lightweight and easy to compact by foot.

A bonus of not having to empty the trash every week or even every month, is that sometimes I find a reuse/upcycle for something I’ve thrown in there, and am able to retrieve it. Containers can be planters for seeds; lids can come in handy for all sorts of stuff. Flexible materials can serve as patches or stoppers.

I’ve even thought of making “trash-crete” sometime.

This trash can is the main trash can in my house. Other than that, there’s just the little wastebaskets in the bathroom and bedrooms which hardly ever need emptying. (And it’s mostly paper trash, which I compost). And there’s my office trash, which only needs emptying a couple times a year and mostly gets composted.

When you take food and leftover beverages out of the trash equation (they are composted), it solves a lot.