Great post about How To Create Reality – Mr. Money Mustache – about a fabulous (fictitious) place called Cyclocroft:

Someone sent me a beautiful 3-D mockup of a fictional, car-free city of 50,000 people, set in the scenic nook of land* between Boulder, Colorado and Longmont, where I live. It came complete with street plans, detailed descriptions and dozens of cool photos, both real and computer-generated, showing how it would feel to live there. They called it Cyclocroft, in honor of the generally pro-bike stance of Mustachian culture.

The oft-repeated saying is true, if we can imagine it we can create it. And indeed, in order to be able to create something that breaks the stale mold of “the way it’s always been,” we NEED to be able to imagine that something different.

Something I find helpful to remember when someone tells me some idea is cool or interesting but not practical.