Housekeeping Note: Edits After-the-Fact

Sometimes I end up adding to or otherwise changing a post after I first hit the PUBLISH button. Next-day edits (to correct typos, imprecisions, etc.) are something I do pretty regularly. But also, sometimes I revise a post days or weeks after the fact. I don’t think you get email notifications (those of you who have subscribed to receive email updates) each time I edit. So you don’t get notified each time I’ve amplified or otherwise improved a post. But, this is just a housekeeping note to let you know I have been known to do that! So if you ever go back and reread a post and you think it’s not exactly how you remembered, you’re probably right!

One very recent example of a post that’s been updated is my post about a community facing its “Day Zero” of water. The person who reported that her community was on the verge of Day Zero, posted an update once Day Zero had hit, so I added that update to my post.