Happy New Year

Photo 1: Christmas wreath.
Photo 2: Christmas wreath transitions to New Year’s wreath!

Except for the little red birds (which I purchased at a vintage thrift shop) on the Christmas version of the wreath, it’s all made of scraps and upcycled “trash” that came my way. To me the “landfill diversion” aspect makes it that much prettier!

My first thought as I stepped back and looked at my work was, “Yikes, this doesn’t look polished or professional.” But then I realized that the homespun quality was not necessarily a bad thing. “Perfection pressure” (brought to us by Martha Stewart, Southern Living mag, etc.) can really put a damper on the fun of decorating.

Personally, I believe that house decorations are a success if they 1) are fun to make and put up; and 2) help create a cozy welcoming atmosphere in a neighborhood. Of course, if a person gets genuine pleasure out of aiming for a polished, “perfect” look in their decorations, that is fine too! Then it becomes authentic self-expression rather than stress or pressure for that person.

Happy 2019 to all of you. May this year bring you an abundance of everything that gives depth and meaning to your life.