Wonderful Company

One key to the success of a grassroots movement is that people feel connected, not alone. With that in mind, I’ve started a new section in the sidebar of this blog, specifically for groups and pages that are dedicated to low-footprint living. My focus is on the personal and household level because I truly believe that is where most of the power to make a difference lies. “Hubs of the Low-footprint Lifestyle Movement” has four links right now, and will expand as I find other relevant links. For your convenience I’ve also posted the current list below.

The grassroots, worldwide movement for personal and household footprint reduction is gaining momentum, thanks in large part to the people and groups that are recognizing the power of daily choices at the personal and household level. Here are the strongest groups I know of so far:

Riot for Austerity: (90PercentReduction) Facebook group Yahoo group
Journey to Zero-Waste: Facebook group
1 Million Women (“women and girls from every corner of the planet building a lifestyle revolution to fight the climate crisis”): Facebook group Website
Join the Degrowth Revolution (JTDR): Facebook group

Truly, none of us is alone in our dedication to low-footprint living. We are in wonderful company.

And, in this holiday season (whatever holiday(s) you celebrate), may you find yourself in an abundance of wonderful company. Joyous holy-days to you.