The Real Point of Deep Green Living

Living from the heart gets a bad rap. People associate it with impracticality, pipe-dreams, not having one’s feet on the ground.

But, as people who are actually doing it know, REALLY living from the heart means you train your thinking mind to operate in service of your heartfelt aspirations. When you enlist your thinking mind in hammering out the details of accomplishing your heart’s aspirations, the “pipe dream” becomes a perfectly practical venture! The nuts and bolts come together; all the bills are paid. Not saying you can expect smooth sailing all the way, but let’s just say that when you fully unleash your heart, and train your thinking mind to follow, you create a tailwind for yourself.

So what’s the “Deep Green” connection here? It’s this: Cutting one’s footprint reduces physical & mental overhead, freeing up energy & processing capacity which can then be channeled into living from the heart! Making the “impractical” practical! Doing your highest calling.

Reducing our footprint isn’t just about sucking our tummies in and trying to take up as little space as possible. And it’s not just about ensuring the biological survival of life. No!

Ultimately it’s about freeing up energy to realize our maximum potential as loving, compassionate, courageous human beings, and the maximim potential of all life on Planet Earth.