Widespread Myths About Green Living

Anyone can live green. Anyone, of any age, marital status, family structure, income, ability/disability, geographic location, or type of dwelling. It’s not some situation-specific thing.

And, it doesn’t take income to live green. Actually, living in a truly lower-footprint manner should free up money and other resources. If it doesn’t, it’s not really green.

Regarding income and wealth, I will say that extreme income inequality is a major root of environmental degradation, as well as the erasure of traditional cultures around the planet.

You mentioned that you live in a condo. That’s actually an even better setting to live green. In many ways.

Residents can get together on farm subscriptions; buy a share of a beef cow together; ask your condo board to approve edible and native landscaping to replace the purely ornamental stuff that’s just hogging resources.

People talk a lot about having kids, as if having kids prevents a person from being green. In fact, many times kids are a lot more eco-conscious, and would be totally on board with various green lifestyle things.

On a personal note, I get around mainly by foot and bicycle. And I think one of the best things a person can do if they have a family is raise their kids in a walkable area. But that isn’t always feasible. And getting around by bike is really unsafe on these horrific high-speed suburban roads. That said, I have shared in this blog an article about families who are getting along without a car even though they have young kids.

Age doesn’t matter either. I’m in my 60s for what it’s worth.

Q: Hello again Jennifer–fascinating and I wish you could change the world for the better.

The concept sounds wonderful, and as a child I lived next to my immigrant Italian grandparents who had a garden, fruit trees and grape vines, animals and a beagle to help hunt.

But in the age of today, is it really possible to get society to comply to green living?

I can’t imagine the millennial generation, with their cell-phone, eat-out lifestyles, fitting into a deep-green existence. They, nor I would, ever kill a chicken or have a garden. (I live in a condo and the rules wouldn’t allow it anyway). How could what you suggest ever be accomplished.

What is your age? Where do you live this “green” lifestyle? How do you earn your income to be able to live “green?” Are you married, do you have children?