Creative Upcycling: From Disposable Pen To Reusable Straw!

What a fantastic upcycle! Reusable straws (made of glass, bamboo, or stainless steel) are becoming more popular as we’ve come to realize that disposable plastic straws harm wildlife and our environment.

But my highly creative and very DEEP GREEN friend Roseanna takes the reusable straw to an even greener height, by upcycling one from a used pen! Added benefit of the pen: The pen-point is great for straining pulp, if you prefer to have a non-pulpy drink experience.

Great one, Ro! Thanks for sharing.

Recommended Resources:

Strawless Ocean: “Plastic straws are really bad for the ocean. We use over 500 million every day in America, and most of those end up in our oceans, polluting the water and killing marine life. We want to encourage people to stop using plastic straws for good. If we don’t act now, by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.”

Surfrider Foundation: nonprofit dedicated to protecting beaches and oceans. “Straws suck” — and you can take action via their website to reduce the use of straws.