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Greetings! As I mention on the Home page, this site is dedicated to low-footprint living. I’m out to promote what I call a “Grassroots Green Mobilization.”

Although a low-footprint lifestyle is fun and rewarding, it is not always easy, even if you are doing it for your own benefit (for example, to radically simplify your life in order to free up your money, time, and energy for things that really matter to you.) The dominant mainstream culture has waste and hyper-consumerism baked into every layer of life, and a person setting out to live light on the earth encounters many obstacles both physical and cultural. (Car-dependent housing developments; unavoidable single-use plastics; buildings designed to require climate control 24-7 … to name just a few examples.)

That’s where this blog comes in. I am here 100% to offer you tips, resources, and moral support. The posts aren’t in any particular order; I write about things as they come up in the news, or as I see them out in the world, or as they pop into my mind. If you’re new here, you might find it helpful to orient yourself by reading the following posts:

Cultural Roots of the Eco Crisis

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