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Greetings! This blog is dedicated to helping you reduce your eco-footprint for personal and planetary benefit.

Although a low-footprint lifestyle is fun and rewarding, it is not always easy, even if you are doing it for your own benefit (for example, to attain financial freedom; to free up your time; to radically simplify your life so you can focus on what really matters to you.) The dominant mainstream culture has waste and hyper-consumerism baked into every layer of life. A person setting out to live light on the earth encounters many obstacles both physical and cultural. (Car-dependent housing developments; unavoidable single-use plastics; buildings designed to require climate control 24-7 … to name just a few.)

That’s where this blog comes in. I’m here to offer you tips, resources, and moral support. The posts aren’t in any particular order; I write about things as they pop into my mind. If you’re new here, you might find it helpful to start by reading these posts:

Cultural Roots of the Eco Crisis

Footprint Isn’t Everything

You could also start by reading my book DEEP GREEN, a concise orderly guide to crafting your own ultra-low-footprint lifestyle. You can read it for free here on this blog; and you can order your own print copy as well.

A final note: I don’t post here every day. I might even go weeks or months without posting. Important as writing is to my mission, it’s only one of my tools for actualizing the “Grassroots Green Mobilization.” Whether or not you see new posts on this blog, I am always active and always here for you. You can engage with me on Facebook or Twitter; you can email or call me; you can enlist me to give a speech, presentation, or workshop for your group.

One thing I will promise you: I will never make a post just out of a sense of duty to post “something” regularly. Or to “keep you engaged”; keep your attention.

Enjoy this blog, and thanks for helping me create a greener world!


NEW: Want more than just my books, blog, Facebook Lives, talks/presentations, YouTube videos, and social-media posts? Something more experiential?

If so, I am now offering the opportunity to come for a Deep Green “Edu-Vacay” or Internship at my urban beachside micro-homestead in Daytona Beach, Florida. My goal is two-fold: to offer you a rich environment for practicing ultra-low-footprint living; and to give you a platform for achieving your personal dreams.

Social distancing strictly observed! The house layout makes it easy (separate entrances etc.) and we meet outdoors only. Contact me for details. (Temporarily suspended as extra public-health precaution; stay tuned for updates. In the meantime enjoy my video tours and Facebook Live’s!)

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