Up-cycleable Campaign Sign

Deep-green kudos to my friend and neighbor Anne Ruby who ran for City Commission here in Daytona Beach. Her campaign signs were designed to be up-cycled into dishtowels after serving their political purpose.

Besides being unique and up-cycleable, these signs (which Anne stitched together herself) also cost considerably less than the typical plastic ones. Even if not all of Anne’s signs find a new life as dishtowels, and some instead end up in landfill, they will compost!

But who would want to compost such a useful and pretty object, right?

By the way, on the clothesline next to Anne’s sign are 1) one of the hand-towels I make by cutting up abandoned beach-towels and hemming them; and 2) a big brown towel inherited from a friend who works as a housekeeper. My friend has an endless pile of sheets and towels, because her wealthy clients are constantly discarding towels and sheets once they are a year old, even if they’ve never been used.