Avatar Course coming up next week!

In my book DEEP GREEN, I point out that one of the most important tasks for creating a sustainable civilization is getting our minds in order. I even dedicated a whole chapter to that topic. “Get your mind in order.” On that subject …

Back in 2005, I heard about a course called The AvatarĀ® Course. It was all about exploring the mind and creating free attention. It sounded like just what I needed so I signed up right away for the next available course. It was challenging at times, but a great adventure.

All my life, from a very young age, I have been a learner and explorer of anything about my mind, and have taken many and varied courses, programs, done various therapy, read many books, etc. And all of them have been very beneficial. But this Avatar Course is really, REALLY different from anything I have ever experienced, before or since.

I used the course to learn how to operate my mind more deliberately. Among MANY other things, I learned how to get free of old traumas that still lingered in my consciousness, resolve present-day upsets, unlearn rigid patterns of thinking, become more peaceful as a steady state, and cultivate a more can-do attitude.

The course was so profoundly effective, I immediately went on to take the training to become an instructor of the Avatar Course. We are known as Licensed Avatar Masters.

And, I have continued to use the Avatar materials and tools on an ongoing basis in my daily life to navigate life challenges, free myself from stuck viewpoints, set new goals, and explore new dreams.

It’s hard to believe I have been involved with Avatar for 18 years! Time flies.

The Avatar Course is delivered all over the world by teams of Licensed Avatar Masters, and the materials have been translated into dozens of languages.

People of all ages take the course. Sometimes whole families take the course together. Each individual gets to do their own work.

The course is very interactive and experiential.Students get lots of personalized attention, and get to meet people from all over the world.

Our next course is coming right up, starting next Saturday, June 14! I’m posting a link for you to find out more and register. The classroom is virtual, so you can do the course from home or another location of your choice.

I have copies of these two great brochures available for anyone who wants to find out more. You can download informational materials from the website too. You can also contact me or any other Avatar Master with your questions. I would love to be your guide on this transformative life adventure!

Avatar Course website: https://www.theavatarcourse.com/