The view of the compost bin from the kitchen window

Our kitchen window looks out on one of the chambers of our big main compost bin. I decided I wanted to make the view pretty, so I painted a quick painting this morn (with old landfill-diverted paint and landfill-diverted picture frame as the materials) and stuck it at the back of the bin! (I’ll probably hang it up properly on the fence with a nail or something later.) And I stuck this cute blue floral-patterned ceramic pitcher (another curbside find) in front of it.

Also I tidied up the pile a bit, as it had gotten kind of sprawly and uneven-looking (not that I need a perfectly level compost pile LOL, but I definitely feel a bit of satisfaction looking out at a pile that is not super crazy messy with sticks sticking out every which way)!

Here’s a photo!

Originally I embarked on this “bin beautification” because I wanted to do something nice for my housemates. But it turns out I too am really enjoying it!!

Art and beauty in our everyday lives are an essential part of building a sustainable, nurturing culture where all beings can thrive.

What are some ways that you have added a touch of extra beauty and sweetness to your everyday world?