My Yard Before & After

I finally got around to making a Facebook post and a Tiktok slideshow showing Before & After pics of my yard.

Go here to see the Facebook post (typically I put such posts on my DEEP GREEN book page but this one I put on my Art & Design page to switch things up a little)

Go here to see the photos as a TikTok slideshow

This has been an incremental process over the past four years since I bought my house, but the big gains started early on, so don’t be discouraged thinking it has to take forever to turn a shadeless flat yard (or church grounds, or local pocket park, or whatever other space you’re trying to transform) into a cool green oasis.

Also, there was a learning curve. If I were forced to start over in another place I could do similar in much less time.

Some of the key functions and qualities I’ve set out to serve in my yard:

heat mitigation
drought/flood buffer; stormwater mitigation
pollinator support
wildlife habitat
3-d business card for my landscaping business
food & medicine for humans
emotional/spiritual oasis, recharge