Building Resilience; Using Our Time Wisely

“… [W]e can expect the status quo of consume-and-pollute to continue on for some time. Most likely it will be pursued until it simply proves too painful than the remaining alternatives. By which time our other options are likely to be materially worse than they are today. That’s the bad news.

“The good news is that conscientious, critically-thinking individuals like you can choose to get busy living.

“There is much you can do during this time lag to invest in resilience and install regenerative models before the next systemic crisis is upon us.

“Whatever time we have left, and it may very not be much, is a gift. Use it.

“Many of the best defenses — like fitness, community, and valuable skills — require time to acquire. You can’t simply buy them off the shelf the way you can, say, a water filter or a backup generator. Once time has run out, you either already have them in place or you don’t.”

From “Living On Borrowed Time,” by Adam Taggart in

Also check out, a website dedicated to spreading the grassroots resilience movement known as Transition; Transition Towns. On this page of their site you can download two adorable, practical, and uplifting mini-zines that explain “Transition in a Nutshell.” One of the zines is titled Transition Towns: Working for Smaller Footprints and Stronger Communities; the other is Habits of the Heart: A Primer for Embracing Lifestyle Practices.

Stay tuned for more posts on resilience. It’s a big topic!