Important corrections to DEEP GREEN book

If you bought my book direct through me in the early days, you may have received an email notice of important corrections. But since I do not have the email addresses of everyone who bought the book, not everyone received that email. I have also posted a notice on my Facebook page (Deep Green Book by Jenny Nazak). This blog post is another effort to reach anyone who may have fallen through the cracks.

If you purchased the book direct through me in the past 2-3 months, you most likely got a hand-corrected copy of the book. (Woohoo, a veritable collector’s item!) I’m now down to the last 40 or so of my print copies of the book. Anyone ordering direct from me will receive a hand-corrected version while supplies last.

Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to contact people who ordered my book via Amazon (either ebook or print version). I’m getting ready to start the process of updating the book on Amazon to include the corrections (as well as some other, more minor corrections — commas where a semicolon is needed, missing hyphens, and so on). I’m not sure how long the Amazon updating process will take.

In the meantime, by way of attempting to reach as many readers as possible, I’m posting the corrections on this blog. Here are the essential corrections to the book (also shown in the photos above):

Page 27: This sentence needs to be inserted: “Actually Monbiot said 94%. The Riot for Austerity adopted 90% as its initial target for simplicity’s sake.” The sentence goes after this one: “… Monbiot, a journalist and climate activist, asserted that in order to avert global climate disaster, the wealthy industrial nations needed to reduce their footprint by an average of 90%.”

Page 45-46: Four instances of the word “composting toilet”; the correct term is “compost toilet.” (Thanks to Joseph Jenkins Joseph Jenkins, Inc. (author of the Humanure Handbook among many other books about sustainable living) for educating us about the distinction!)

Page 51: US Average household electricity consumption says 1,100 kWh per month; should read 900 kWh per month.

My heartfelt thanks to all who have bought my book so far. It’s been wonderful hearing back from some of you about how you are putting it to use in your life. And I hope my Deep Green book will continue to save you lots of money, time, and your precious personal energy while helping the planet.